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    Main idea of this web site is to collect, and present to you, a slightly different approach to Island Rab.

    We hope that this different kind of materials presented to you, and diversity of it, show Island Rab from a different angle. From all angles. :)



Welcome to the island of Rab, a town and island of marvellous scenic diversity, a variety of beautiful beaches, a cultural milieu dating back to pre-Roman times, with its four characteristic bell-towers, a town of rich historic heritage further refined into a complete experience for the senses, long pleasant walks, more than 120 years of experience in organised tourism and to cap it all, the kindness, hospitality and diligence of the island's people.
A bountiful sea, rich in natural healing herbs, fertile fields, vineyards and olive groves but also, first and foremost, the people of Rab, genuinely glad to see every guest, each of whom they receive as a dear friend. That is what makes this Mediterranean Adriatic island a top holiday destination all year round.

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